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The Brownie Center

At The Brownie Center, we focus on the best part of the brownie...the center!

Here, you will get the perfect blend of chocolate and vanilla flavors.

We are so passionate about brownies 

that we have removed all edges from 

the equation to always give you a smooth, delicious bite.

In the Center

Our unique, gourmet brownies are made with love in Medford, Massachusetts.

We are committed to baking homemade brownies from scratch using quality ingredients, such as free-range eggs, organic flour, and organic cane sugar.

For special varieties, we proudly use 

local and seasonal ingredients 

whenever possible. 

Taste the Difference

At The Brownie Center, we wonder why people eat treats without chocolate?

So treat yourself to a brownie with an intense chocolate taste and a 

rich dense texture.

Join the community! 

Experience how a real brownie 

should taste.

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Special Orders

The Brownie Center at the Medford Farmer's Market

We love to meet our customers and share our brownies! Visit us at the Medford Farmer's Market. Stop by and say hello, pick up a Classic Brownie Center, or try that week's special variety.

Medford Farmer's Market

Condon Shell, 2556 Mystic Valley Pkwy, Medford, MA

June 8 - October 12, 2017

Thursdays, 3 - 7pm